Sotto Group

Sotto Group was established in 2007 and is owned by David Earle; designer, engineer and longtime bike enthusiast. David has extensive experience in mechanical design, linkage systems, drive systems, analysis, as well as manufacturing.

Sotto Group specializes in Mechanical design and Intellectual property development. In the bicycle industry Sotto is well known for its expertise in suspension system development, frame design and drivetrain component design. Sotto Group has patents granted and pending on several suspension systems, drive train parts and mechanisms. Sotto Group develops intellectual property internally and for customers as desired.

Outside the bicycle industry Sotto has done work in several industries. Wind power generation, motorcycle parts, shoe design, tool design, and mounting systems are all areas we have experience in.

Sotto Group can also offer sourcing to its customers. With offices in USA and Taiwan we can have extensive manufacturing contacts in Asia. From prototyping to production runs in the millions we can offer solutions.